Minikamera on a flexible wire – video endoscope

One way spyware removal rate video “on the fly” is the use of video endoscopes – camera on a flexible wire. Such minikamery can slip under a doorway or in a specially prepared for this opening.

A good example of such devices is an endoscope with the image above. The device allows you to find objects to shoot and burn in memory of the recorder on the back side of the flexible wires.

With such a device with a video camera on the end remote sites can be inspected for the presence of unnecessary space bookmarks and lost items. As you can see, these devices can be quite domestic purposes and not just collect compromising information and scouting. In the domestic environment at the end of the wire often set a bright LED backlight, which allows to observe objects in unlit places. Particularly useful in the repair or inspection cars.

The recorded video is typically stored on a removable memory card and can be viewed on a standard PC. Such devices are often seen in the movies.

Suppressors signals (jammers)

Suppressors signals (jammers) or suppressors signals are small, partly illegal, but very convenient gadgets that allow you to disable certain network. Some mufflers disable cellular and other GPS, a third radio frequency, some models work comprehensively. Such a device can be found in large quantities in the Internet. Their cost is low and the average starting at $ 50.

Suppressors signal is very easy to use – just turn a button and everything around will be muted. Between themselves, they differ in the radius of action and channels for the killing. Such devices are extremely useful for the suppression of cellular in meetings, theaters and libraries. They are also used to temporarily suppress spyware bookmarks bugs and beacons. But apart from well-intentioned they may be used for criminal purposes, deactivating gps-gps trackers and security alarm, silence the communication channels in the room, etc.

For a relatively small cost you can purchase a simple device that runs on batteries or car cigarette lighter and jamming all communication channels, interfering with cell phones or monitoring system for trucks. As they say for every action there is a reaction. If management has decided to monitor the movement of their fleet, drivers can do for themselves the necessary exceptions.

Spy things

Subject secret agent has always fascinated children at all times. With many films made on the subject, it excites the minds of both sexes, regardless of age and status.

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Let us consider in more detail the cases in which you might want to use spy stuff:

those who have children, do not have to explain all the advantages of spy stuff for kids. To protect their child from the negative influence of the world, time to detect and prevent the threat of negative consequences, it is proposed to establish reader keyboard. This will give parents the ability to know what sites their child has visited. Device unnoticed to the naked eye, and anti-virus software does not detect it, too, besides the device is easy to use. There are also tools available to help trace the whereabouts of your child;

Spy things for security in their own home. These devices include video intercoms that enable not only hear, but also see the guest. Hidden cameras and gsm-alarm will warn you of the presence of an unexpected guest in your home;
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Spy things can be useful and spouses who have decided to test their loyalty to the “second half”. Such items include voice recorders, hidden cameras, bugs, programs for listening to mobile phones and other equipment, which will allow you to control incoming and outgoing calls, track the contents of sent and received messages. Also on sale are bug detectors that will help identify surveillance.

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